Friday, April 16, 2010

Well I havent posted here lately.. I keep forgetting I have this thing here.. lol as Im always on Facebook.. School is so great I love Unschooling... My kids have had wonderful oppertunities because they are unschooled. One day my neighbor gave us fish soooo we looked up how to clean and cut up fish. We had 12 to do and by number 10 we finally figured it out lol.. We of course used youtube... what a great sourse of infomation that it gives you on any topic you are looking for. When we were done cleaning and cutting the fish the boys decided to take it a step future and disect them... What a great fun idea they had. They pulled the eyes out and looked at them and also cut open the head and looked at the brain. We of course looked at the organs that a fish had. The fish brain had my kids most interested cause it is sooo small. Another thing we did was the boys have been out cutting hedge trees into logs. They learned the use of a chainsaw, how it works and of course the safety of using it. THen one day the girls and I went and took pictures. We went to the park here in town to take a bunch of pics for school and the girls learned the parts of a camera how to care for it and also how to take pictures and why it was important to have the item in the center of the camera... How interesting is that. Another thing the boys did that day was went out to a farm and help casterate pigs... They learned so much there. ANd got a great work out. Things they get experinces with because we homeschool or unschool that they wouldnt get if they were in Public School. I just need a name for the classes that have to do with jobs. This is something I want to use ungoing for Trenton throughout his Highschool years... Any IDeas??

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